Lady Litter... I mean Luck...

I admit it, I'm a little weird (shuddit), I have a hard time walking past trash on the ground. Even more so if I know I'm about to walk past a trash can. Well, today I think that might have paid off. I picked up a piece of paper that turned out to be a lottery ticket, and if I remember the payouts correctly I think it's worth $75. I'll check it while I'm out tomorrow.

How to build a better B movie

Just when you think the entertainment industry couldn't possibly show any less intelligence.

"Let's see, we produce unimaginative drivel that's not worth the medium it's stored on. We'll spend exorbitant amounts of money making it seem far more exciting than even we could ever hope it to be, then because it fails utterly we're going to place blame, not on the fact that we couldn't produce a 1st grade Christmas play without making even little Suzie's parents pack up the camcorder and go home before they ever see the manger scene but instead we're going to blame the fact that people can now tell their friends while being subjected to our drivel that there's no sense in anyone else wasting their money on it."

Hmmmm... yep, makes perfect sense to me.

If the bra fits...

I'm sitting, waiting for my car's oil change and what do I see on TV but a commercial for Playtex bras that come in half cup sizes. Can we say 'about time'? Are we finally seeing the fashion world recognize people as individuals, and not plastic fitting models?

Now I wouldn't be surprised if they only go up to C 1/2, but it's a start, no?