Support is more than just saying it

I'm a big supporter of the public domain, Creative Commons, and any release other than all rights reserved. I always have been. Sure, people need to be compensated for what they do, but most of the time the license that is associated with something is far more restrictive than just 'give me props and a few pennies for my trouble'. I'm a big supporter... or am I? Sure my default publishing license on Flickr is (CC) BY-NC-SA (Creative Commons, must give attribution, non-commercial derivatives allowed, all derivatives must be shared under the same terms) but other than that I guess I really just give lip service to the whole thing.

I realized that tonight while listening to a lecture about copyright, free culture, and the movement back to 'the way things used to be'. It's not enough to be for something to just say you support it. Support is in the doing, not the saying. Some people give time and money to organizations which seek to further the cause of a free common culture or just defend those that are being legislated out of existence for doing what should be legal in the first place. Not having the time, or the money doesn't mean you can't help. If you're reading this then you probably also create some kind of content. Maybe you're a coder or a writer of fiction. Perhaps you paint or sculpt, or maybe you blog about what your cat is doing (with your cat's permission of course). But unless you're using content which you don't have the right to let others redistribute then I ask that you consider applying a license to it that is far less restrictive than 'all rights reserved'.

This wacky world of thoughts and ideas was built on sharing, and will only survive with sharing. It's not enough to just put it out there, let people know what they can, and can't use. Let them know what they can, and can't do. Everything I do, unless stated otherwise, is in my mind (CC) BY-NC-SA... only difference is now I'm going to make sure that's clear to the world.

Be the change you want to see in the world or something like that.

Priorities and Plans

Anyone that really knows me knows that I have slightly different ideas on what is necessary than most. For example (and to push forward the point of this post) I never really saw the need to put money into a good top coat. For the most part I make due with a zip-up hoodie, a leather jacket which is more a fashion statement than a warming device, and a PVC top coat that is a great windbreaker, but not so much the useful for keeping warm in and of itself. But hey, I live in southeastern Virginia. It's rare that it gets cold here for more than a few days at a time. So what's the point?


Well seeing that Mother Nature has decided that my home has been immune to the bite of winter for far too long and has brought many a cold night upon me (shut up, I know it's still above freezing most of the time, but it's still colder than a human should be) I decided that I have been without a decent top coat for far too long. Yesterday I happened across what I think is an o'kay price on a knee-length wool coat. There's no way I would have bought it at the $280 they were originally asking, but $140 was acceptable. It's light enough that it doesn't need to be freezing out to wear it, but being wool it's warm enough to make a difference if it should happen to be cold enough to bring water to a standstill.

Priorities change... as do plans, or lack thereof, or something. I think.

I really need to either find a different job or at least get a different schedule at my current job. It's really hard to make plans when you can't get time off when you need it and don't have anything to do when you have time off. I got a hand full of days off approved over the next few months, and I've been trying to make arrangements to do things on those days. This has not been going so well. I've been met with 'maybe' and 'I won't be in town'. I don't blame those people, I understand. I usually don't know until nearly the last minute if I'll be off on a day other than my normal days off, which don't seem to be the same as anyone else I know.

It would be nice to 'get out' or just do something wherever. *shrug* I'm not sure just why I think it'll happen, in my case past performance IS an indication of future performance. Which flies in the face of those financial commercials. What do they know anyway?

Anywho, I have a copy of The Bank Job that Netflix would probably like to have back. So I think I'll watch that and then see about getting some writing done.

Now I have to decide if I want to keep the days off or just cancel them to maybe use the time later in the year.