Happy Hallmark Holiday

Well, it's Father's Day, a day that never really meant anything to me as a kid, and it means even less to me now that I am a father type person.

I don't know, maybe it's just the whole idea of a 'holiday for the sake of a holiday' that doesn't work for me; whatever it is, I just can't get behind it.

I've tried, really I have... but nothing.

Oh well, happy Father's Day to those that it means something to. To the rest, happy Sunday.

Home again, home again...

Work sucks, nuf said.

Other than that I'm doing o'kay. Came home to an empty house (save the dog and cats) which is nice. It's quiet. After spending all day listening to people complain, quiet is a nice thing. Some days the attitude of the customers doesn't bother me, others the weight of their anger is crushing. Such is the life of a customer service agent I suppose.

I think it's time to raid the kitchen... yes, yes that's what time it is.

Something else I won't keep up with...

My collection of journals keeps growing, almost as fast as the number of entries I have in all of them combined. I make no promises that this one will be any different.

I lose the motivation to keep posting or just let other things take up my time. Either way, once I've let one lay dormant too long I have trouble picking it back up. So a new one gets made and the whole process starts over again. This time, this time I'm throwing money at it with a domain name. Will spending money keep me motivated or will it just be something else that I pay for but don't use.

We shall see.