Weekends... wasted time?

I'm not sure why but it seems that no matter how much I look forward to the weekend, I never actually have reason to. Sure, it's a few days off from work; which with my job is a nice thing. I don't actually do anything though.

It's not as though that's abnormal for me. I haven't really done anything other than eat, work, sleep, repeat in a long time. Only when I go to see my girlfriend is that any different. I suppose it's logical to assume that when she moves down here, which she will be doing in a few weeks, that I'll actually get out and do things, but there's something in me that wonders about that. Am I really that boring that I can never think of anything to do or is it just that I don't like doing things alone that keeps me home all the time?

I really don't have much of an answer for that, though I suppose I'll find out very soon. I'd like to think that it's just my lack of companionship that keeps me homebound but I'm a little worried that I really am that boring.

Any thoughts? Or am I better off not knowing?

Getting out, going deaf

Ran into a guy I used to work with a few weeks ago and he invited me to see a showing of his art at a local café. I'd seen his stuff before and thought it might be cool to see what he had out on display.

Well, looking at what he's done over the last year I really think he has a future with his photography. His other work is quite good too but the way he sees life through a viewfinder is truly inspired.

Decided to stay a while and sample some of what the café had to offer. Why I picked cheesecake I don't know but it's actually quite good. Starting to think that maybe I've just had bad cheesecake in the past.

Wish I could say the same for the band though. Now it isn't so much their playing ability as it is their total lack of understanding of the size of the room they are playing. Amps were not needed.

Did get to meet up with the guy whose work I'm here to see, so all is not lost. Except maybe my hearing.

Suppose I should wrap this up, finish my cake, and get going. Bad Christian music is one thing, really loud bad Christian music is quite another.