Phone interviews suck

The people from the land of the little lizard called me today about my application. Not really sure how I feel about working for the same insurance company that insures my car, but then I've spent the last three and a half years working for the grocery store that supplies my food, so I'm used to giving a large part of my cheque back to my employer.

I don't think I made a total ass of myself. I left out a few important pieces. Other than that it was like filling out my application all over again, on the phone, while being asked to expand on my answers. I think they could have saved me a lot of time, and them a lot of repeating work if they would have just asked for name and phone number on the application. Oh well, suppose every company has their share of "that seems like a lot of extra work". Guess it's all good.

The idea of a new job is kind of nice, even if a little unsettling. I'd feel better about it if I knew I'd get it, honestly. It's the whole uncertainty part that makes me feel like a blind person on a tightrope.

That aside I'm a few hours from leaving for my trip to see my girlfriend. Going to show up tomorrow afternoon, in time to go to sleep with her which is cool, that way we'll both be awake at night instead of her being awake, and me being the walking dead.

For now, it's time for food and other things of that nature.

Merry Yule

Just a few days before the commonly accepted December holiday and a few days before I got to see my girlfriend. Haven't worked out yet if I want to leave late on the 24th or early on the 25th. As things stand now I'm leaning more toward the 24th but I have a little longer to work that out.

Got to meet one of the most pleasant people I've met in a long time, my girlfriend's friend Melanie. Also had the pleasure of meeting an adorable orange and white kitty named Shag. I realize why girlfriend likes her so much, they're quite a lot alike.

Time for bed now; I have to work the midday shift, so tired or not I need rest.

All good things...

My girlfriend was here for the weekend but went home this morning just before I went to work. Which was probably for the best as I don't think I could have handled her leaving as well if I hadn't anywhere I had to be today.

We didn't really do much of anything while she was here. At least nothing that I'm willing to talk about. Mostly just hung out and spent every moment at each other's side. The plan was to meet up with her friend Melanie, but she was sick so that never worked out. Still is sick it seems, can't talk and all that icky stuff.

I'm going up to see her at the end of the month, which was the original plan. Not sure exactly what time I'm leaving, but I'm planning to be there late Christmas day until Monday afternoon. After that, I don't know, but it'll work out somehow. It always does.

Gotta love Mondays

Got up this morning to find out that I got a little carried away Sunday with Kathryn's upgrade (Kathryn is my local mail/DNS/DHCP/etc server) and overwrote the named.conf file... so I kinda broke local resolving. Now I usually have a pretty good memory when it comes to technical things, but first thing in the morning, when I'm still trying to focus on things more than a few inches in front of me, it's a little hard to remember what goes where in a file I've only looked at while I was making it.

Went back to bed after I got that working, then overslept and didn't get to take a shower before work. The manager was being a raving psycho today... wonder what mood she'll be sporting tomorrow, or if it'll be one of those "new mood every five minutes" days.

Now it's an hour into Tuesday, and I need to be getting to bed. Better luck tomorrow eh?