Gotta love Mondays

Got up this morning to find out that I got a little carried away Sunday with Kathryn's upgrade (Kathryn is my local mail/DNS/DHCP/etc server) and overwrote the named.conf file... so I kinda broke local resolving. Now I usually have a pretty good memory when it comes to technical things, but first thing in the morning, when I'm still trying to focus on things more than a few inches in front of me, it's a little hard to remember what goes where in a file I've only looked at while I was making it.

Went back to bed after I got that working, then overslept and didn't get to take a shower before work. The manager was being a raving psycho today... wonder what mood she'll be sporting tomorrow, or if it'll be one of those "new mood every five minutes" days.

Now it's an hour into Tuesday, and I need to be getting to bed. Better luck tomorrow eh?