SyFy? SRSLY?!?

O'kay I'm usually not one to rant, (I said usually) but SciFi Channel... seriously?

Rebrand? O'kay fine... I don't understand why, but what ever. Include more shows that aren't Sci-Fi/Fantasy? Hey, you included 'pro wrestling'... well it is fiction, so why not? Alienate your core audience by insulting half of it, and pretending the other half doesn't exist? OMGWTF?!?

So the males of your core audience aren't really human, and the females aren't there? Every female I call friend watches the SciFi channel. huh?

Dave Howe, president of the Sci Fi Channel, said “What we love about this is we hopefully get the best of both worlds.” “We’ll get the heritage and the track record of success, and we’ll build off of that to build a broader, more open and accessible and relatable and human-friendly brand.”

I say 'we', the demographic you're trying to distance yourself from, are human, and really don't take kindly to being marginalized by what used to be one of the new television networks that actually seemed to have a clue about what we wanted to see. We lost TechTV when G4 swallowed them up and bastardized everything that made them great. Now SciFi?

Look, you guys killed Sliders by jumping every shark you could find, and even made a few out of paper-mâché when you ran out of real ones. I forgave you that when you took Stargate from Showtime and did it proud for a very very long time. Didn't do too bad with Atlantis either. I'm not forgiving you for Farscape, but no one is so just accept you're getting the Ass-Hat award for that one SciFi. I can even accept wrestling, if begrudgingly, as you felt you needed to pull in a different audience that might just stick around after the show. Giving a big Frack You! to the people that made you what you are, your long time fans, is totally unforgivable, and I will not be coming back. If you happen to have anything left worth watching once BSG is over, I'll be watching it without commercials as I will not be tuning any of my cable receivers or my TiVo to your programming ever again.

SciFi... errrr SyFy, to you I say Good Day, Sir... Good Day!


  1. And the junk, B Movies? Terrible. I do like the Star Trek: TNG and Enterprise reruns though.

  2. Oh yes, how could I forget. They aren't even 'real' B movies. They're just Bad movies. Real low budget movies are so bad they're good.

    If I see one more oversized snake/gator/spider... well if I were still watching the channel that is.

    Oh well, there's very little on cable/broadcast that I still watch anymore. I think I watch more video via boxee and from things my TiVo downloads than from traditional 'TV'.