A week to do nothing

So I took the whole week off. Left work March 22nd, and don't have to be back until 16:45 March 28th.

Why? Well a few reasons, but a good part of it was just that I needed some time away from the constant assault of 'the dumb'. As anyone that works in customer support knows there are times when it seems as though every customer you deal with hasn't got any sense, common or otherwise. Lately, it seems like every day has been a never-ending stream of those people. I needed a break.

So what did I do? Mostly nothing. Well, nothing much anyway. A fair amount of time was spent sorting through things in my room; a part of my seemingly endless attempt to clean. I've collected a lot of things in my life and I'm trying to get the number of things down to a more manageable level. Slow going, because I only do it in spurts, but when I try to do it all at once I get overwhelmed and give up. The hardest part is accepting that until I get much closer to done there are going to be times when it looks like I'm going backward.

Tuesday I was woken by a text from a co-worker asking if I wanted to do anything. There is only one more Tuesday left before my schedule changes as we don't have a common day off again, so I pulled myself out of bed and made with the ready getting. O'kay, so it was about 13:00 and I should have been up anyway, but a little motivation is always helpful. We took a brief tour of the area or ran errands as she referred to it, and ended the day with dinner at which we were accompanied by her other half.

Much like Monday, Wednesday was spent cleaning, sorting, and otherwise trying to make sense of things I've been holding on to for a long time; and that brings me to Thursday...

Thursday was the moment every pack-rat lives for. The day when they are vindicated. The day they can look to everyone that's ever asked with scorn in their voice "why are you keeping all this stuff?" Without saying too much about the 'plot' as the episode hasn't released yet, I packed up a bunch of stuff that came from the 90's and went up to Williamsburg, VA for a shooting of Hak5. As usual, it was a great time. They're an awesome group of people, I just wish I didn't live quite so far away. *shrug* Can't have everything. It was good to finally have a use for some of the stuff I've been holding on to for so long. On the one hand, I feel as though I can finally let go of some of it. On the other, it's just reinforced the idea I should keep it. We'll see... for now I have far less useful stuff to get rid of. Priorities are important to something like this, so gotta stick to them.

Friday came and went without much fanfare. Though I did give in and buy a two year season pass to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I've lived here most of my life and never had a pass. I don't go nearly enough, and with my new schedule aligning with the shooting of Hak5, and that pulling me in Williamsburg more often, I might as well make the most of it. If I make 15 visits in two years I'll have paid for it in parking costs alone.

It's now early morning Saturday, and I have to be at work in about 14 hours. Just a half day, then Sunday, and I have two days off again. Next weekend won't be as nice as I'll only have Saturday off, because that's when my schedule change takes effect... or is that affect. I can never remember which is which, and don't care to look right now. Damn English; I don't blame foreigners for not understanding the language. Most of us native speakers don't understand it either.