And the days pass into weeks into years into my life.

Well here it is almost the 14th, and I've been 29 for a few days. I guess it's not really a big deal, even though I make it sound like it is to me. The only time it really gets to me is when I realize I'm over a decade older than most of the people I work with.

Nothing really happened that day. I worked that morning, came home, sat around, went to bed after a nice conversation with my girlfriend. I've come to realize why I don't much care about my birthdays anymore, though. I really don't get presents... seriously, as a little kid I'd get something to play with, and it was neat getting these new things that someone knew I wanted often without my even having to actually tell them; then play with it all day, and I liked that. Now I get a card, and usually some money, and maybe some kind of clothing. It's cool, but on some level, it's just not the same. Oh well, it's all good... just something I realized.

On a brighter note, Tuesday I'm leaving to spend a week with the aforementioned girlfriend. Actually a little more than a week. Not enough to be there for her birthday, though. Maybe next year we'll get to be together for at least one of our birthdays; but then maybe we'll be together to stay by then. I can hope.