Been a long time

A lot has happened since my last entry but at the same time, things are pretty much the same.

I finished the formal training at work and come Wednesday I'll be set lose upon the world with nothing more than a ladder, a bag of tools, and a head full of things that made sense when I was in class.

I'm currently in NY spending the weekend with my girlfriend. Apparently, I was actually supposed to start my new shift Saturday but do to some communications problems I wasn't aware of that until I was halfway through Pennsylvania. Since I wasn't the only one that was under that impression (which I was under because I was told that by one of the training supervisors) the only repercussion will be that I'll be short a day on my next cheque. Not great but a lot better than it could be.

I think I'm going to start looking for something to eat now. Didn't have much for breakfast, and I'm starting to feel a little icky.