My new pet Tiger

I did it, I fell for the spiffy new dashboard apps, and the rather nice search system, Spotlight. I upgraded to OS X Tiger this weekend.

So far I'm rather happy with the upgrade. Do I think the upgrade is worth the price tag, I'm not sure yet. But it's something I knew about when I joined the 'Apple Family'.

So far everything is working just fine. Only one little issue came up and I managed to deal with it after some digging through Apple's support documents. Seems that they decided to change the way that they handle syncing on cell phones that run the Symbian OS.

I never had a problem syncing contacts or calendar items between my Mac and my Nokia 3650. I never needed anything running on my phone other than the stuff that came on the phone when I got it from T-Mobile. Well, Apple decided that wasn't good enough (I imagine it's a move to make more Symbian OS phones compatible with iSync.) and with iSync 2.0 all Symbian OS phones require a little Java applet on them for iSync to work with it.

Seems that somewhere in the mix things went very very wrong, and my phone just wouldn't accept calendar updates from my Mac. The link would go down and iSync would come to a screeching halt. I spent quite a lot of time trying to work out the issue and finally decided to stop syncing the calendar items, which allowed things to work fine but that just wasn't good enough. (Nevermind that I almost never use the calendar on my phone.) So 45 minutes of trying to come up with just the right combination of words to search for I found a document on Apple's website that offered a solution to a similar problem. One clearing of iSync's history later and everything is right with my little world again.

Now I just wish I knew some other people with Tiger and a compatible webcam so I can try out the new video conferencing in iChat.