At this rate I won't need to turn on the heater

So another device gets added to my network today. My son now has his own PS3. The upside is that he will stop wanting to use mine while I'm trying to watch a movie. The downside is that we've got to keep our controllers plugged in until we can figure out how to keep them from associating with each other's consoles. Turns out just connecting them does that. Now I'm not sure what would happen if I tried to use one of my controllers on his system. Perhaps a test is in order.

Reinstalling Mediatomb on my G4 iMac so that he can access my movie library (and so I can too). Just have to remember to be selective about what he can access, and stuff.

In other news or old news as it's all over now. My new, as of a few weeks ago, MacBook got replaced yesterday. This past Saturday the drive failed. My fellow hardware geeks will understand *whirl* *thud* *tick* *tick* *tick* etc... It did eventually boot, but after explaining what happened, and a quick listen to the drive, the 'genius' at the Apple store took back my system and gave me a new one. Fortunately, I didn't have anything on the drive except software. All of which I have already reinstalled. Except, of course, for setting up Bootcamp and putting Windows XP back on so I can play Evil Genius.

I know one would say 'it was new, they're supposed to do that', but I am very impressed with Apple's response to what happened. Since it was booting when I took it in I figured they would want to 'take a look at it' or something. Instead, it was just one question 'do you have a back up of your data?'. In a time of less than stellar customer service, having a no questions asked replacement for something that seemed to be working when I brought it in, was nice.

O'kay, I'm going back to looking for the cap for my 4GB memory stick... why do I keep losing the caps to these things?