Speed is Beautiful

I get sidetracked easily. I don't think I suffer from attention deficit disorder, but I do have a tendency to go off on a tangent and end up somewhere totally different than where I started.

I had already planned out what my first 'real post' was going to be about. I had already decided that I was going to take my system status application of choice (which isn't really a system status application in and of itself) and do a write-up on its use and how I use it specifically. I still fully intend on doing that, but that will have to wait a little while.

'Real post' number one is about starting to change the house's network from a mix of 10/100Mb and 802.11b/g networking to 1Gb and having a separate b and g access point. Speed is not actually where this project started, though it's a nice side effect.

So why do it? The core of the house network is in a bedroom, which as anyone with more than a few computers will likely know, is a very inconvenient place for the core of a network to be. Power in that room isn't overly reliable and it's occupied by a 14-year old whose internet access is restricted at the router, giving him easy physical access to it. As anyone who deals with security knows, physical access negates security as router reset buttons negate passwords. Sure I could probably disable the reset button, but that's a lot of hassle and doesn't solve the location problem. So into the basement office, everything will go.

Since I have to pull new coax for the modem and will have to pull at least one new line to link the aforementioned 14-year old's room, I might as well just do the whole house. This also gives me the excuse to reroute the coax that I pulled earlier this year up into the walls and set up proper outlets for everything. I will likely pull at least one, maybe two, ethernet jack as well as one coax, and one phone jack per room. The phone brings up a whole different possibility with new hardware and such. One thing at a time, though.

For now, the promise of faster media streaming, and less wireless clutter is very appealing to me.