Reviewing my roots (aka: don't login as root)

I've been thinking about this for a while, but a few things that have changed in my daily routine have made me decide to stop thinking and start doing. So without my usual (hence the name of this blog) ramblings, on with the show.

My personal blog has started to take a somewhat technical bent as of late, and as such I've decided to branch out and keep things separate (more or less). Here I plan to spout off about things of the geek nature which just so happen to be tickling my fancy, yanking my chain, or otherwise getting in my face. I make no promise to release schedules, nor that my personal life won't end up here. After all, I'm a geek at heart, so keeping my personal life out of it all together will be hard.

Why should you read, why should you care? Hell if I know, but I'll tell you a little about who I am; you can decide for yourself after that.

I'm a thirty something geek of all trades (master of none) with a particular bent towards audio/video. My formal education spans classic arts (drawing, painting, clay sculpture), music (violin and piano), AC/DC electronics, graphics arts (photography, print layout), radio and television broadcasting, as well as network management (back in the Netware days w/thinnet weee!), business application programming (C, COBOL, RPG, Clipper, Visual Basic), and a little general expert system development for taste. After school I started my training in taming the beast that is FreeBSD since 2.2.6, linux still makes me cringe, Windows has it's place (but I still think MSDOS 5.5 was the last decent OS Microsoft ever made, so long as you were running DESQview), and spend most of my time now in OS X. I'm no Apple fanboy, but I do own an iPhone (in the interest of full disclosure).

Can't call me a 'gamer', but I do own an PS3. Don't really enjoy PC gaming as a whole, but I do keep a WinXP partition on my Mac specifically to play Evil Genius. Read into that what you will. In fact I'm not sure that any of the commonly accepted sub classes of geek really apply properly to me. All in all I'm just me... an elder-n00b. For those that chose to check in on me from time to time I'll be putting my own spin on life, tech, and the way they come together.

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