Other people's phones, other people's business

Well for some reason my mother and sister have decided that I'm to go with them to get cell phones. I guess because I have one I'm a functional expert on them or something. *shrug*

They've decided on Sprint, mostly, I think, because of coverage. The downside is that since they will end up with unlimited phone to phone calling, and I already have it with Sprint, they'll have no reason not to call me ALL THE TIME. Argh...

Oh well, nothing much to be done about it. They'll get it if I go or not, and if I don't I'll just have to hear about how it was all so confusing, and how they wish someone would have been there to explain it all to them (as though that's not what the people at the store get paid to do), and I'll have to hear that for months, or even years.

So I'll go... it's easier that way.