I remember why I didn't like school

Day two of my training is over and so far it's mostly been a waste of time. Sure, it's all been important stuff but out of the whole group the person with the least amount of customer service experience is four years, so it's just been a lot of review so far.

Tomorrow they start showing us how to use the software we'll be using from the truck's terminals. Then Thursday and Friday I have Defensive Driving one and two. Next week I report to a new location, where they have their installation training and from what I understand it's where I'll be based from when I finish training.

About half of the people in my class (of 35 people) are phone support, so this will probably be the last week I see them, at least for a while. I don't see many field reps in the building. At least I won't have a chance to really get to know any of them before we get separated.

I still haven't gotten used to this whole bed before midnight, up at dawn thing. Not sure I ever really will but I'm trying.

On brighter notes, I've started the process to get some of my job perks. I put in the form to use the gym, though I don't know if the location I'll be based out of has it's own facilities or if I'll have to use the main office ones, though it's not that far away. So no big deal there. I also started the process to get my nearly free services. I had to have the accounts transferred to my name, which should happen tomorrow, then I can get analog and digital cable for free, all channels (except the Filipino channel, which would cost a few dollars if I wanted it) and most PPV free. I just have to pay rental on the digital boxes. I'll also get my internet for free. So the bill is going to drop from about $87 to about $12 after taxes. That is cool. And since most PPV content will be free I might actually be able to catch up on all those years of movies that I haven't seen. *smirk*

Well, it's bedtime for me. G'Night everyone.