The evening after...

Last night was fun. Started with a brief but tasty dinner at Olive Garden with a large table full of people whose names I don't fully remember. Damn me and my problems with people's names. Given the size of the party was so large a tip was automagically applied to my tab, which actually was less than I would usually leave but then given how long I went drinkless it was prolly what I would have left anyway.

After dinner, some of the group took off in their own directions, while the rest (including myself, else this would be the end of the post) headed off to an evening of Rock Band, which was actually more fun than I thought it would be. I don't suck that badly.

Of course, before that I got to watch a bit of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and it's really odd physics engine. Which is my way of saying there was a lot of gratuitous animated 'boob juggling'. Which I think is the whole point of the game. The volleyball and watercraft racing is just a carrier for the bikini-clad girls. Then there was a little time spent with some zombie killing but after that, it was all Rock Band all the time.

Fun night, wrapped up around 3am... wouldn't mind doing that again.