Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water...

Where to start... at the start of the day I suppose.

Here goes:

First break of the day I walk past my supervisor's cube to say hi. He looked annoyed, so I poke the bear to see what's up. He's been emailed about a meeting he wants to attend about the status of support and upcoming changes in service for one of the products my company offers. Says he can't attend because he has to go to a different meeting for other supervisors in our department. Seeing that his bosses boss will be at that one, he can't exactly skip out on it. I get a look at the agenda for the meeting he wants to go to and I want to go too. So I joke that he should send me in his place to take notes...

20 minutes later I'm in the meeting taking notes.

Now I figure I'm just there to make sure our department doesn't miss out on anything that might come up, so I'm sitting there playing secretary like a good little front-line employee with my mouth shut; until I notice that the woman heading the meeting is looking at me oddly, with this 'why aren't you saying anything' look on her face. Now she knows I'm just a tech support rep and knows I'm there as a placeholder for my supervisor. The look continues, so eventually, I pipe up with what I thought were obvious comments. Nothing I can talk about, as it's all about things we, as a company. haven't done publicly yet but still, I figured I'd get a few nods of the 'at least he's on the same page' kind and we'd move on. Nope, she starts taking notes... and I'm sitting right across from her; I can see the notes, they aren't like the ones you think your shrink is making about you, she is actually writing down what I'm saying.

*blink* *blink*

So moving on to other topics and other things all together which are (I figure) totally out of my place to say anything. Now those of you that have spent any time face to face with me know my 'I'm not gonna say anything, but I've got something to say' look. Apparently, she saw it too because she starts looking at me again. So open mouth take up 5 minutes of the conversation. Then off to other things and such.

All in all a very weird experience. Not what I was expecting at all. Maybe next month he won't be able to go again. That was fun.

Now after the meeting and before I get back to my desk I catch up with my sup briefly and he tells me that something he'd asked me about a week ago got approved. I and one of my co-workers will be teaching a training class for video only reps to prepare them for taking internet and telephone support calls.


I didn't think there was any way in hell that would work out. I didn't think the people in training liked me. I still don't think they do. No idea what that's about. Starting the 15th I'm a trainer, at least for one class. This is the second time they've let me loose on a room full of people to warp their minds to my will. Muahahahaha!

O'kay, so strangeness abounds and astounds... but that's not all, oh no.

So I just grab a hot dog for lunch and take it back to my desk. Don't really feel like being out and about at the time so there I am at my desk and I get messaged by a co-worker inviting me to attend a gathering they're planning for Saturday evening.

So what, you say? Well, point one I haven't spent time in public with someone since my girlfriend moved and this person is inviting me into a group setting with people that are probably not people we work with so they're freely and knowingly subjecting their friends to me. Scary, I know, but it's true. Wrap all of that up into the weirdness this day has been up to this point and I'm waiting for Rod Serling to come out and start narrating.

So as my night winds down to a close I'm trying to figure out just what in the halibut just happened here.