(mis)adventures in networking

To further my quest to see just how much I can make my poor old FreeBSD box do without falling over I have setup (and mostly have working) both PPTP VPN and Samba as a WINS server. Now the end goal is to make it so that connecting clients will be able to browse the shared drives/printers on the network, but so far only direct reference seems to be working. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but then it might just be a limitation of the built-in Mac OS X VPN client.

The only reason I set up Samba, really, was that supposedly having a WINS server would allow the browsing to happen but so far that doesn't seem to be cutting it. Though since I have it up I might try messing with LDAP based login authentication again. *shrug* Had it working once before for the BSD and Windows machines I had on the network but it's a bigger network now and I would be causing a possible issue for people that don't really need that kind of thing, so maybe not.

If anyone has any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong with the VPN and share browsing, do feel free to pipe up.

Also, I want to be able to route IPv6 traffic over the connection but I haven't even gotten rtadvd to send over the VPN connections yet, so that's a project for another day.

Why can't I have a normal hobby, like everyone else? No, wait, most of the people I talk to do networking for a hobby. Never mind. :)