Blind leading the blind?

Apparently, the document that the little group I'm in at work was approved as today I and one other member of the group hosted our first refresher training class. Have another tomorrow. There are others scheduled over the next week or two and I'll be acting as instructor in a few of those as well it seems. Some of them are for days I'm not there or scheduled during my lunch break.

The schedule for tomorrow's class was given to me shortly before leaving, as well as the time that I'm allotted to be off the phone. On a plus note, I'm off the phone from the end of my first break until the start of my lunch. yay Also apparently one of the people in tomorrow's class is a lead. I'm not sure how I feel about teaching someone that's supposed to be over me but at the same time, this guy didn't do video support long (if at all) before becoming a lead so I can't fault him for not knowing much about it.