It's all fun and games until someone gets promoted

Had my first meeting (all be it an informal one) with my new supervisor. His name is Charles, everyone calls him Chilly. I don't. Just seems weird. He's a decent guy from what I can tell. Just recently made supervisor. I think he's qualified.

In this meeting, he kept talking about 'doing things differently' and being a test bed for a new way of running teams. All fine and good, as some things really do need to change. Problem is the manager for my part of the call center is going to be watching him and what he's doing, thus what his team and so what I'm doing. I like being under the radar around there; this is not under the radar.

Now on a positive note, Charles says that he intends to try and make better use of my experience which could help lead me to other positions on the end. For now, though, it really just means more work without more pay, and getting noticed by people that I might not really want to get noticed by.

Such is life, I guess.