Digging up the past, one text file at a time

I've been going through files on my computer; stuff that has followed me around for a long time. Some of these files started their existence on an Atari 520ST 20 years ago. Trippy but true.

A few of the files contain random clippings from conversations that took place over IRC, mostly on Undernet in the late 90's. One, in particular, has things I used as quit messages and late night channel topics. Things that after I typed them looked like they might be worth keeping. Reading them now I have to admit most of them weren't but a few aren't too bad.

This is one of my favorites.

"Built my bed of foolish dreams, empty hopes and silly things. Lay my head on a pillow of tears, kept warm by a blanket of fears."

According to the date stamp I put on it that came from May 02, 1998 at 0040 EDT. How's that for keeping track of things. If only notes were that good for everything. Oh well...

That is all. Maybe I'll post more later but probably not.

g'night everyone... whoever you are.