Letting my subconscious do all the talking

Full circle and then some. That's where I am now or maybe not quite all the way round just yet. Hard to say from my point of view; back here where I went to get a new perspective. Just a little too far back to tell for sure. Either way, the road looks familiar, well traveled, and almost comfortable in a "this is something I know how to do" way.

Putting things back together is supposed to give you a chance to make it right or at least better. That would seem to be the idea. Learning, growing; is that what I'm doing or am I just telling myself that so I don't notice the rationalizations. I'm me, so I'm sure it's a little of both and I won't know which I've done more of until someone points it out to me.

Turning the camera inward, taking snapshots just enough out of focus to make it all clear when given only a passing glance. That would be how everything feels to me at the moment. How they've felt for months now. Building a jigsaw puzzle without a guide, using pieces from different boxes, and trimming bits when they don't quite fit. Despite the mess it seems to be forming it's my hope that from the outside, when I'm done, my efforts will turn out much like the works of Seurat; and perhaps look at least half as appealing to someone other than myself.