Just want to MUCK around

In search of a good/active MUSH/MUCK/MOO/etc... MUDs need not apply

If any of you all don't feel lost at the mention of the above words and know where I might find a good place to get my feet wet, again, let me know.

Many many years ago I was a regular on otherMUSH, but it would seem to have faded away in my absence, so much so that there are no traces left (that I can find). Now if I'm wrong and someone knows where to find it, I would love to move back into my electrical well. Alas, though, I believe it to be long since gone.

Also, if anyone can recommend a good client for Mac OS, that too would be appreciated. Not that I'm against the telnet command but managing scripts with copy/paste can be a real pain as I remember it.