All that new year stuff

I'm home on my lunch break. One of the very few advantages of working where I do is that I'm only a few minutes from home. Literally. This morning was painful. Slow doesn't cover it, dead doesn't even do it justice. There were a total of twenty-one customers from 07:00 till 09:00, and five of them were employees getting something for breakfast because unlike the rest of the area we had to be awake that damn early in the morning.

Dumb arse me forgot my car's state inspection, so it's overdue now. Tried to get that done today, but every place I tried was useless for one reason or another. Most either had wait times that were WAY too long, or the guy that did them wasn't in, but Merchants Tire had the best *cough*mostannoying*cough* reason of all. I was told, and I quote "We were going to do them today, but we can't get any outside parts in today, so if something was wrong we couldn't fix it." Argh!! Did I say I wanted them to fix it? Would I let a non-VW tech work on anything more complex than my tires while it's still under warranty? No way in hell. But that's o'kay. I know where I'm going to take it, just have to wait till tomorrow morning.

In other news, the little lizard doesn't think I'm up to the task. Oh well, that's o'kay, never liked that damn gecko anyway. *smirk*

Back to work for me... should have just stayed there and got something to eat, at least I wouldn't be hungry now. *shrug*