Being a dork

Well, today I went for a pre-interview screening for a job with Cox Communications. I'm applying for Field Service Rep 1, which means if I get the job I'll be running drops and crawling under people's houses so they can get their hundreds of channels of nothing to watch.

How is this being a dork, you might ask? (Well you might not, but go with me here.) Simple, first I was certain I screwed up the tests. They were timed tests and I got not even halfway through most of them and was sure that I messed up the questions that I did answer. I was told that I 'passed' though. Not sure just what passed means but at least I didn't fail. To top that off, later after I got home I started second guessing my ability to correctly write my own phone number. Now I've had my phone number for years; you would think that it would be something I could do without thinking about it. Well, it is and that's what's worrying me. I remember seeing the blank on the form and just starting to write but can't for the life of me remember what I wrote.

I was told that they would call me tomorrow to schedule an interview, assuming they want to interview me. Now if they don't call I'll sit around and wonder if maybe they tried but my dumb arse couldn't write my own number down right. I'll probably try calling them tomorrow afternoon, if I don't hear from them, and give some silly line like I just changed numbers and wanted to be sure that I wrote the new one down or something like that. Oh well, that's just a part of being me. I second guess myself about stuff like that all the time. Some people worry about not turning off the stove or unplugging the iron, I worry about writing my phone number down correctly.

Welcome to my world.