Step by step

Well, apparently I do know my phone number. I have an appointment on Tuesday at 10:00a. Not sure how I feel about it but there it is all the same. I know I'm supposed to be happy and all that, but I hate interviews, so there ya go.

Had to get a copy of my DMV record, which seeing that the DMV is all on it's a holiday thing I had to get a copy off of their website. The woman I talked to on the phone said that would be o'kay but at the same time seemed surprised that I could do that. Oh well, I'm having them mail me a copy too, so if they have a problem with it I'll have a copy from them a few days later, so I'll just tell them that.

They seem to want people with no more than four negative points on their record, and I'm at a positive one. So unless they have a problem with the accident I have over a year ago, that shouldn't be a problem.

I've decided that I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'm going but I decided I don't want to. I usually wait till it's time to leave to do that. *shrug* Oh well, maybe if I'm lucky by this time next month I'll be wanting to not go to work at a new place. *smirk*