Will it ever end...

Well, I went for my interview today but silly me forgot to take my driving record with me, so I have to go back tomorrow and drop that off. I felt o'kay-ish about it mostly but I hate typical interview questions, which these all were. I hate interviews period. Anyway. They said that they would pass their recommendations (there were two guys doing the interview, they were both field service reps, prolly level two or three guys) on to HR. I'm not sure that they 'liked me' but I know that they at least didn't 'not like me'.

I guess on a positive note they did have me pick-up a drug test packet on my way out. I assume they wouldn't spend the money on testing me if they weren't at least interested in hiring me. Yes?

Anyway, when I got home from work I noticed that someone from HR called me, and the message was from the woman that conducted the pre-interview testing. She just left her direct phone number and said that she wanted me to call her. I left a message, but it was well after 8pm, so I'll call her tomorrow before I leave for there, just in case she wants to tell me that they decided not to hire me so I won't waste a trip out there.

I'm going to see what's on TV. Wish me luck.