When it rains...

It seems that they like me.

I got a call today at around 11:30 asking if I could start Monday, but I wanted to give two weeks notice and they had already finished and posted the schedule for next week, so I'm just going to wait until the 9th of February. Also, the more I think about it I really don't want to just up and leave Food Lion. All else aside, I will miss some of the people there and it would be nice to have time to be able to see everyone and say g'bye first. Sure I could come in after and talk to them but it's kind of rude. Besides, I would like to have the option to come back if that should be necessary, in the future. Don't want to burn your bridges and all that. The thought of telling my manager exactly what I think of her, though, is very appealing.

Naw... I'll play the grown up here, and hold my tongue. *smirk*

Now I just need to get the drug test done (wanted to get that done today but ran out of time, so that's tomorrow) and wait for them to get my background check. Guess they want to make sure I haven't stolen anything or killed anyone. Customers can get kind of annoying so someone with a history of violence wouldn't be a good choice to send into people's homes.